List of Sponsored Projects as PI     List of sponsored projects as co-PI  
List of Consulting projects as PI     List of Consulting projects as co- PI

1. Tele-operation of An Industrial Robot, BRNS, 180 lakhs
2. Evaluation of Automated Parking System, MCD, 3.08 lakhs
3. Thermo Structural Analysis and Life Estimation of Combustor for GDL Application., LASTEC, DRDO, 8.52 lakhs
4. Micro Engineering (FIST), DST, 435 lakhs
5. Investigations into Micro Grasping, DST, 30.7 lakhs
6. EPFL -IITD Collaboration in Microengineering., DST, 57.7 lakhs
7. Study of scientific investigation and analysis of road accidents in Delhi, Ministry of shipping, road transport and highways, Government of India, Rs 16.2 lakhs (Co-PI: Dr A. Chawla).
8. Computer Aided Graphics Instruction Lab, ICICI, Rs 80 lacs. (Other investigators: Dr A. Chawla, Drs MR Ravi, PVM Rao, Profs VP Agarwal and K Athre)
9. Modernization of Mechanism Lab, MHRD, Rs 5.00 lacs,
10. Development of FE models for human body parts for impact simulation, MHRD Rs 5 lacs, (Co-PI: Dr A. Chawla).
11. Sensor Based Intelligent Automation, AICTE., (Co:PI Dr. A. Mukerjee),15 lakhs
12. Development of robotic hand capable of fine manipulation, DST, 2.5 lakhs
13. Simulation of Active Cord Mechanism, IRD IIT Delhi, 50 thousand
14. Modelling of a MEMS Vibration Detector, SSPL, Rs 98000/-
15. Design and Development of a Micro Flap-wing Device, ARDB, (Co-PI: S. Sanghi), Rs. 5.58 lacs
16. Massively Parallel Binar Syatems, Ministry of Information Technology, (Co-PI: Dr. I. N. Kar) 15.06 lakhs



1. Development of Coordinated Multi WMR Systems, BRNS, 130 lakhs
2. Adaptive Force Control of an Industrial Robot (KUKA KR-6) Equipped with Force/Torque Sensor, BRNS, 122 lakhs
3. Study of Road Traffic Crashes and Injuries in India and UK, UKIERI, 92 lakhs
4. Some medico-technical issues - 1. Determining Mechanical Properties of Ligaments and ii. Development of stereo-cameras for operative / anatomic video-sequences, ICMR, 20.5 lakhs
5. Sustainable Urban Transport in Less Motorised Countries: Research and Training, Volvo foundation, 115 lakhs
6. Safety Modeling and Epidimeological research, Volvo Research Foundation, Rs 6 crores (Other investigators Prof D Mohan, Dr A. Chawla, Dr P Mahajan, Dr G tewari, Dr S Sanghi)
7. CFD Analysis of Micro Flap Wing Devices, ARDB, 4.57 lakhs
8. Modernisation of Design Engineering Laboratory, MHRD, Rs 1.5 million (PI: Prof VP Agarwal)
9. Development of an automated Security system for vehicle entry – exit control consisting of vehicle authorization system and under carriage vehicle inspection system, Departnment of Information Technology, R&D Division, Rs 132 lacs, (Other investigators – Prof M Balakrishnan, Prof S Bannerjee, Prof DT Sahani, Dr A. Chawla)
10. Obtaining low-speed impact properties of soft tissues, MHRD, Rs 11 lacs, (PI: Dr. A. Chawla). (ONGOING)
11. Measuring Impact properties of human body parts, DST, Rs 24 lacs, (PI: Dr. A. Chawla, Prof D Mohan and Dr M Verghese (St Stephens Hospital)). (ONGOING)
12. Crash Simulation of the car – MC crash using Pamcrash (Ph – II), Japan Automobile Research Institute, US$10000, (PI: Dr. A. Chawla, Prof D Mohan).
13. Development of methodology for modeling of airbags, Japan Automobile Research Institute, (PI: Dr. A. Chawla, Prof D Mohan) Rs 4.85 lacs
14. Development of instrumentation systems and related technology for condition monitoring of …., DST, Rs 26 lacs (Total project cost: Rs 1.26 crores, other agencies involved: CSIO, BHEL, IIT Kanpur). (PI: Dr. A. Chawla)
15. Virtual Prototyping, MHRD, (PI: Dr. T. K. Kundra), 8 lakhs (RP01254)
16. Mechatronics Facility, MHRD, (PI: Dr. S. K. Saha, Dr. T. K. Kundra), 8 lakhs, (RP01133)
17. On-line monitoring of Steam Turbine Blades, BHEL, (PI: B.C. Nakra), 5 lakhs, (RP01193)
18. Study for establishing a programme for excellence in Underwater Accoustic Imaging and Survey Platforms, MIT, (PI: Prof. R. Bahl) 2.0 lakhs ( RP01228 )
19. Development of Teleoperated Vehicles, BRNS, (Pi: Prof. A. Ghosh, Prof. K. Sriram),24 lakhs (while at IIT Kanpur)