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21. M. Singh, R. Dey, S. Mukherjee, D. Mohan, A. Chawla, Effect of vehicle design in bicycle frontal crashes, conference, September 2007, Masstricht, Holland

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Accepted for the IRCOBI 2007

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25. S. Mukherjee, A. Chawla, D. Mohan, V. Agrawal and S. Chadrawat, Throw distance in bicycle frontal crashes, to appear in IRCOBI 2006.

26. A. Chawla , S. Mukherjee, R Marathe, B Karthikeyan, Determination of Strain rate dependence of human body soft tissue properties using a SHPB to appear in IRCOBI 2006.

27. Chawla A, Sharma G and Mukherjee S, A technique for developing FE meshes for human bones from CT / MRI scan data, to appear in CAD ’06 conference, Bangkok,
June 2006.

28. Sharma A, Chawla A, Mukherjee S, A tool for developing FE meshes for folded airbags, to appear in CAD ’06 conference to be held in Bangkok in June 2006.

29. B.Karthikeyan, A. Chawla, S. Mukherjee and A. Soni, Effect of Impactor mass in free fall impact tests on isolated passive muscle tissue, Proceedings of 12th
International Conference on BioMedical Engineering (ICBME 2005), Singapore..

30. Karthikeyan B, Mukherjee S, Chawla A, Inverse Finite Element Characterization of Soft Tissues Using Impact Experiments and Taguchi Methods, Proceedings of SAE 2006 World Congress, paper no 2006-01-0252.