Dr. Sudipto Mukherjee
Volvo Chair Professor of Design and Manufacturing
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Ph: (011) 265911388
I. I. T. Delhi, N. Delhi - 110016, India
Ph: (011) 265911388
(011) 26591596 (R)
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Area of Interest: Mechanical System
Design, Computer Controlled Mechanisms,
Dynamics, Biomechanics

Date of Birth : 21st April, 1963

Year Degree/
position held
Currently Volvo Chair Professor I.I.T. Delhi
2006-07 Professor I.I.T. Delhi
2000-05 Assoc Professor I.I.T. Delhi
1997-99 Asst. Professor I.I.T. Delhi
1993-96 Asst. Professor I.I.T. Kanpur
1992-93 Visiting Faculty I.I.T. Kanpur
1992 Ph.D Ohio State Univ.,
1988 M.S. U.S.A.
1985 B. Tech I. I. T. Kanpur



1. Novel attachment for affixing to luggage articles,

2. An automatic light transmission measurement device, 3582/Del/1998, Technology Transferred. Patent No. 243909 Dt: 10-11-2010

3. A method and system for monitoring vibrations of rotating blades of turbines, 1178/DEL/2002

4. Limiting torque bolt mechanism, Pub. NoWO/2008/114273, Publication Date: 10.01.2008, Transferred to SERAMPORE INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LTD., INC. [US/US]; dba SIP Industries, 2900 Patio Drive, Houston, TX 77017 (US).

5. An apparatus and a method for folding and unfolding a foldable transport container, Pub No: WO 2008/122984, Publication Date 16.10.2008. (Also filed in India and China)

6. A folding/unfolding transport container and a method of folding and unfolding a transport container, Pub No: WO 2008/114273, Publication Date 25.09.2008, (Also filed in India and China)

7. A folding mechanism for folding flat structures, Publication number: WO2009060464 (A1) Publication date: 2009-05-14

Ph.D. Thesis Title
Dexterous Grasp and Manipulation
M.S. Thesis Title
Tailoring of Fiber Composite Structures for Manipulator Arms
50 Journal, 70 Conference
60 Different kind of projects

Council Member of the International Research Council for the Biomechanics of Impact (IRCOBI), 2010

Member of the Sectoral Monitoring Committee for the Innovative Engineering Technologies of the Engineering Sciences
Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, 2006 Indian National Academy of Engineering
AICTE Career Award for Young Teachers, 1995 –




He has to his credit several innovative concepts like the Massively Parallel Binary System, Foldable shipping container (patented in India, China and International application through PCT) AGTRAM for the Delhi Traffic Police (patented and ToT), Design of torque limiting bolt (Patented and ToT to SIP Houston, USA) and the Crossing. The moving elements he designed for the CROSSING exhibition for Xerox PARC show the convergence of technology, aesthetics and art.

Support to local industry and R&D labs with engineering analysis and solutions on a need basis drawing from the overall area of mechanical engg design. Examples are transient thermostructure analysis for high precision optical arrays, beam aligner, combuster for LASTEC, DRDO; redesign of switch to meet the performance requirement and reduce rejections for Indfos, gear design for M/s PALTEC, improved longevity of road stud for M/s DesignInnova through analysis of dynamic loading.

His group is one of the first to create finite element motorcycle models and its use to evaluate ISO13232 standards and the use of airbags for two wheeler safety through ALE simulations. The 2007 study leading to detailed recording of 130 crashes and 6 reconstructions for the Ministry of Transportation is the leadoff to the proposed National Road Safety Board.

He has been enhancing finite element human body models for impact, tackling positioning issues, effect of muscle activation and enhancing the material database through impact characterization of bones and soft tissues. They are the only group in India contributing to the Global Human Body Model through the global consortium. He has been a consultant to the automotive companies like Ashok Leyland and Bajaj in India and Mercedes Benz, Volvo, GM and JARI internationally.

He is part owner of a technology startup, Faros Technologies, with the business of developing driving simulators.